XoomRooms in Commercial and Coworking Spaces

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With flexible workspaces on the rise, the need for temporary partitions has risen as well. Imagine a product that folds almost unnoticed and flush against a wall, but can be pulled out to a variety of shapes depending on your needs?
 XoomRooms walls can transform your workspace in just a couple of minutes. These fireproof walls made of 100% recyclable chloroplast provide structurally solid privacy without damaging the walls and ceiling of your space. XoomRooms are flexible, light-weight, versatile, and modular additions which you can personalize to your needs. XoomRooms walls come in handy especially when needing a focused workspace where a wall provides privacy for less distractions. You can also change the shape into a right angle if you need a small cubby for phone calls or Skype video conferences. These walls can also be used in a decorative manner—think trending plant walls and original artwork, as well as a manner in which to store your desk supplies.

The possibilities and ways this product can be used commercially is virtually endless. Make your space your own with XoomRooms!

XoomRoomsXoomRooms in Commercial and Coworking Spaces

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XoomRooms Setups Temporary Pods for the Lancaster Extra Give

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XoomRooms was proud to take part in the recent “Extraordinary Give” community event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We believe that providing a high quality product while also supporting important initiatives is a recipe for success! We set up XoomRooms on site during the event, providing space for local SCORE mentors to host sessions with clients in a semi-private setting. Creating this environment took only minutes, and provided a daylong hub for meetings to take place. No tools required, and zero permanent fixtures needed. No fuss, no mess! Contact us today to learn more about how this amazing product can be used to handle any of your event planning needs!


Win a XoomRooms space solution system before they officially hit the market! Signing up today not only allows you to receive access to special promotions and upcoming product releases, it also enters you for a chance to win a XoomRooms system!

Anne KirbyXoomRooms Setups Temporary Pods for the Lancaster Extra Give
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A Coworking Case Study – The Candy Factory

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The Candy Factory, Central Pennsylvania’s premier coworking space, recently installed a member’s board using our dynamic, versatile and adjustable poles. Their community supports a range of creative and business professionals including photographers, graphic designers, accountants, web developers and consultants. Our comprehensive support system was the perfect solution to highlight their core community.

“XoomRooms is a versatile and affordable multipurpose solution for our coworking space,” said Founder, Anne Kirby. From temporary room dividers to standing desks, XoomRooms has come in handy for the hanging issues we have in an old brick warehouse. We also love that they are eco-frinedly and durable. Our members love them so much — they’ve even ordered them for their homes!”

Ready to create a dynamic office solution of your very own? Contact us today!

Anne KirbyA Coworking Case Study – The Candy Factory
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