Creating Space in a Small Apartment

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Creating space in a small apartment generally comes as a challenge. We humans have an innate desire to set aside special space where we can focus, unwind, and create. If you work from home, if you are a hobbyist, or even if you enjoy sitting over a homemade meal at the table, having a spot set aside in your home for relaxation becomes your sanctuary.

XoomRooms can help even the smallest of apartments feel sacred by dividing space with their easily adjustable walls. With XoomRooms, you can open up a space for bedtime, and divide the space just as easily into a small breakfast table by the morning.

XoomRooms creates privacy without marring walls, floors, or ceilings—so you’re more likely to get your precious security deposit back! XoomRooms walls are quickly and easily assembled. They require no fancy tools or technical skills. Their affordable price won’t break the bank and you can trust in your purchase of a long-lasting item. The panels are made from flame-retardant materials, and the zero-impact poles can adjust from 7’ to 11’ tall.

One of the best aspects of XoomRooms is they are easily adjustable into various shapes for whatever you need. You can configure them into a square structure for a private phone booth or for an area to nurse your newborn, or you can pull the wall out as a straight divider—creating sacred space in your small rental.

XoomRooms walls are the perfect investment or gift for someone who wants to increase the versatility of space in their home. Want to find out more about XoomRooms? Visit our website at:

Anne KirbyCreating Space in a Small Apartment

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