What is XoomRooms?

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Rental costs can build up, especially when living in a major city. Jim Hoefler, Founder and Product Developer of XoomRooms, recognized a need to transform his daughters’ Washington D.C. rental property so they could invite an additional tenant to split rental costs. The challenge was configuring something quick, affordable, easy, adjustable, and modular—with zero impact on their rental. And this is how XoomRooms was born.

XoomRooms, a fully adjustable wall unit, has the ability to transform a room into a area of multiple purposes. With XoomRooms, you can quickly and easily change a one-bedroom apartment into two bedrooms. You can accommodate guests by creating a privacy wall, or even their own guest room. You can cut down on rental costs by inviting an additional tenant to split the expensive costs of living. A living room used for entertainment purposes over the weekend can be sectioned off into a remote office by Monday morning.

XoomRooms walls are quickly and easily assembled. They require no fancy tools or technical skills. Their affordable price won’t break the bank and you can trust in your purchase of a long-lasting item. The panels are made from flame-retardant materials, and the zero-impact poles can adjust from 7’ to 11’ tall—so you can put XoomRooms into place without marring the floors, walls, or ceilings of your home!

One of the best aspects of XoomRooms is they are easily adjustable into various shapes for whatever you need. You can configure them into a square structure for a private phone booth or for an area to nurse your newborn, or you can pull the wall out as a straight divider.

XoomRooms walls are the perfect investment or gift for someone who wants to increase the versatility of space in their home. Want to find out more about XoomRooms? Explore our website.

Anne KirbyWhat is XoomRooms?
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A Coworking Case Study – The Candy Factory

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The Candy Factory, Central Pennsylvania’s premier coworking space, recently installed a member’s board using our dynamic, versatile and adjustable poles. Their community supports a range of creative and business professionals including photographers, graphic designers, accountants, web developers and consultants. Our comprehensive support system was the perfect solution to highlight their core community.

“XoomRooms is a versatile and affordable multipurpose solution for our coworking space,” said Founder, Anne Kirby. From temporary room dividers to standing desks, XoomRooms has come in handy for the hanging issues we have in an old brick warehouse. We also love that they are eco-frinedly and durable. Our members love them so much — they’ve even ordered them for their homes!”

Ready to create a dynamic office solution of your very own? Contact us today!

Anne KirbyA Coworking Case Study – The Candy Factory
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7 Benefits of XoomRooms

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Looking to turn a large space into something more versatile and functional? Here are seven benefits of using XoomRooms.

With XoomRooms modular walls, you can build a stylish, substantial, do-it-yourself wall in less than an hour. Set up your private space in no time!

Our walls are affordable and durable. Receive four panels and one pole for only $300.

Set up and tear down requires no fancy tools or technical skills. Create a space to call your own with only a few simple steps!

Use XoomRooms anywhere, anytime. Our poles can adjust from 7’4″ to 11′ allowing you to take XoomRooms with you where ever you may need them.

One of the best benefits of our modular walls is that they have zero impact, therefore avoiding marring your floor, wall, or ceiling. This is a perfect option for rental apartments.

Create a space that fits your needs! The modular structure is available to reuse in alternate configurations.

Not only can you create space, but these temporary walls are easy to dismantle and store when not in use. Simply pull the collapsable panels and poles out when you need some privacy.

Interested in learning more about our product? Contact us, today!

Anne Kirby7 Benefits of XoomRooms
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James Hoefler has been granted the famous Silver A’ Design Award

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Como, Italy, April 26, 2014 /DESIGNPRWIRE/

A’ Design Award and Competition is happy to share that the building components design XoomRooms by James Hoefler has been acknowledged with the famed Silver A’ Design Award at Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Competition.

Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Competition Silver A’ Design Award Laureate

A’ Design Award and Competition is pleased to announce that the project XoomRooms by James Hoefler became winner of the famed Silver A’ Design Award in Building Materials, Construction Components, Structures & Systems Design Category selected as a winner by the international awarding commission of the A’ Design Awards & Competitions amidst thousands of participants.

More on XoomRooms

James Hoefler, the creative mind behind the award winning building components design work XoomRooms demonstrates “The XoomRooms residential wall system is designed for the Do-It-Yourselfer. XoomRooms walls are easy to put up and take down using only an M4 Allen wrench. Components lay flat and store in a closet or under a bed when not in use. The system works for any ceiling height between 2.3 meters and 3.5 meters and can be set up in an infinite variety of straight and angled configurations. Sturdy XoomRooms poles can handle 20 kg of lateral stress when properly installed, but when removed, they leave no marks on the floor or ceiling, making them a prefect solution for homeowners and renters, alike.” Learn more about this design at: https://competition.adesignaward.com/design.php?ID=33012

The Silver A’ Design Award

The Silver A’ Design Award is a prestigious award given to top 5% percentile designs that has exhibited an exemplary level of sublimity in design. Entries to the A’ Building Components Design Awards are peer reviewed and anonymously judged by a grand expert jury panel of leading academics, important press members and experienced professionals. Nominated building components designs are voted on pre-determined evaluation criteria to highlight only the leading building components design works. In addition to reaching top international media, A’ Building Components Design Award winners are listed at World Design Rankings (worlddesignrankings.com), are highlighted at Design Classification (designclassifications.com) platform and are showcased at DesignMag.org which lists the best designs from all countries in all disciplines.

About A’ Building Components Design Awards

A’ Building Components Design Award aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best building components designs and greatest building components design concepts worldwide. The A’ Design Accolades are organized and awarded annually and internationally in multiple categories to reach a wide, design-oriented audience. The ultimate aim of the A’ building components Design Competition is to create a global awareness for good design. Please visit the following link to learn more: http://www.whatisadesignaward.com

Anne KirbyJames Hoefler has been granted the famous Silver A’ Design Award
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