Use Our Wall Panels for Blood Drives

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Donating your time or funds to a charity is a selfless act that supports a ton of generous missions across the globe. Another fantastic way to give back is by participating in a blood drive in your community or hosting a blood drive. Donating blood takes very little time and is a wonderful way to make an impact. XoomRooms understand the importance of these charitable events and would like to be there to show our support!

Our XoomRooms are a great way to divide a space to host a blood drive. Not only can our walls be used as dividers to block off a particular space but they can be used to provide barriers between donors so that they have some privacy while they are donating. Utilize our walls to cover any tools or supplies you might have for the event to remove clutter for a more sterile environment.

Our walls can be set up in minutes and without hassle. Our panels are adjustable and removable so they can be altered for other future events or be taken down in between events. Get the most out of your community event with our wall panels or poles!

For more information on how you can utilize our walls for your event, contact us here.

XoomRoomsUse Our Wall Panels for Blood Drives
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XoomRooms for Emergency Shelters or Natural Disasters

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We take great pride in the versatility of our walls. Our panels and rods can be utilized countless ways, especially during emergency situations. Last hurricane season was detrimental to many parts of the Caribbean as well as the southern part of the US. Many families were displaced from their homes and sought shelter. Providing adequate shelter is immensely important for people facing the threat of natural disasters or other life-threatening circumstances.

With the versatility and flexibility of our XoomRooms, our walls can be assembled in emergency situations such as home displacement during natural disasters. For community centers, churches or other venues, our walls can be utilized when these locations are generously open to the public as a sanctuary. Our walls can be set up as a divider to provide privacy between occupants or used to block off an area of the space that occupants are not authorized to go. Many people often find themselves crammed into a space with a plethora of other people, making temporary living conditions tense.

XoomRooms are not just for home or work but can be brought to locations that require privacy for displaced citizens. Whether it is a natural disaster or another unfortunate event, we know our walls can help. We at XoomRooms want to be there for the people that need it most when conditions are not ideal. We believe the versatility of our walls can be the perfect solution to housing/shelter circumstances and encourage any space that would like to test our product to contact us.

If you are an emergency shelter location, church or other venue and would like to test our XoomRooms in your facility, do not hesitate to contact us for more information. View our Contact Page for additional information.

XoomRoomsXoomRooms for Emergency Shelters or Natural Disasters
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