XoomRooms for Church Shelters and Homeless Sanctuary

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Many churches across the nation selflessly open their doors to homeless citizens throughout many communities across the United States and overseas. This generous act of compassion allows many individuals to have a place that they can rest soundly for a night or two without having to face the elements or other potential dangers. Many churches could utilize our walls as devices to provide barriers between individuals for added privacy. We want to offer our wall panels to establishments that are lending a hand to fellow citizens in need. It is important for people to feel safe and with churches opening their doors to these individuals, this provides them the sanctuary many desperately need.

We understand that churches are not the only establishments that are generously opening their doors to individuals in need and we thank each and every venue that is offering these selfless services. If you are a church or shelter in the surrounding area that would like to test our product, feel free to reach out to us to set up a meeting. Visit our contact page for additional information.

XoomRoomsXoomRooms for Church Shelters and Homeless Sanctuary
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