XoomRooms for Outside

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Our XoomRooms are so versatile that they can be utilized in any area of your home – that includes inside AND out! We know how expensive it can be to purchase quality outdoor equipment but with XoomRooms, your worries will soon be eliminated. Let’s discuss some different uses that can be applied to your outdoor areas!

If you do not have a fenced in backyard or patio area, the lack of privacy can surely be a nuisance. Use our walls to create a barrier between your space and the space of your neighbor’s! Our walls can easily be attached to a table outside and can be installed or removed instantly.

Pet Area
If you do not have a fenced in yard but want your furry friends to roam about, you can set up a barrier between two points to eliminate the risk of them roaming about.

Patio Area
If you do not have a patio area but desire one. Create a small patio section with our easy-to-build walls!

Any ideas that you have, we are positive our XoomRooms can assist you! Don’t forget XoomRooms the next time you want to achieve your perfect exterior oasis.

XoomRoomsXoomRooms for Outside

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