XoomRooms for School Wellness Checkups

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Across the country, schools regularly offer wellness checkups for students to test their vision as well as other health aspects. Our walls are able to be utilized in schools to provide barriers between students that are being checked if the space is holding many students at one time. Not only will our walls be utilized well for these checkups but can be used for various other events such as conventions, job fairs, science fairs and many more.

Our wall panels can be set up at any time during the school year for wellness days or other events. Our walls are versatile and can be set up or removed easily and without hassle. These walls can also be used for testing during standardized testing times.

Whatever the circumstance is, our walls are a versatile, affordable and safe option for schools throughout the country. If you would like to test our product in your school, contact us for more information.

XoomRoomsXoomRooms for School Wellness Checkups

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