xoom/rooms (züm-rümz). n., pl. A temporary wall solution for your home or office. XoomRooms is easy to install with no damage to your ceilings, floors and walls. Redesign your space in all kinds of interesting and creative ways.

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Welcome to XoomRooms

XoomRooms is an award-winning, patented, affordable, DIY system for building walls that can customize rooms to create new semi-private spaces in the home or office. XoomRooms is perfect for renters and open-concept spaces including coworking and collaborative spaces.


    Build a stylish, substantial DIY wall in no time at all.


    Long lasting and won’t break the bank!

  • EASY

    Requires no fancy tools or technical skills.


    Poles adjustable from 7’ to 11′.


    Does not mar floor, wall, or ceiling.


    Easy to add to and/or reuse in alternate configurations.

Amazing design

We’re changing the way you think about design. An innovative home, office and retail solution, XoomRooms supports dynamic living and working experiences. Enhance any space with our sustainably sourced, versatile and affordable product. We’re committed to providing an exceptional quality and superior customer service. Interested in learning more?

XoomRooms In Action

From wall dividers to storage solutions XoomRooms is your no-damage, easy to install solution.

What can you create with XoomRooms?

XoomRooms supplies the poles and wall panel connection hardware to build walls in straight lines, with ANY angle between panels, and with swinging doors, if desired. The possibilities are endless.

  • Build Dividing Walls
  • Create Closets or Storage Areas
  • Install Cork Boards or White Boards
  • Create Coworking Phone Booths
  • "XoomRooms is a versatile and affordable multipurpose solution for our coworking space. From temporary room dividers to standing desks XoomRooms have come in handy for many hanging issues we have being in an old brick warehouse. We also love that they are eco-friendly and durable. Our members love them so much they've ordered them for their homes."

    Anne Kirby CoworkingInLancaster.com

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